• OxiClean and Nabisco Marketer
• Founder of Harvest Growth,  Industry Leading Consumer Products Marketer
• TV, Social Media, and Retail Expert

• HSN's Original Pitchman
• 75,000 Separate Product Presentations on HSN Over 39 Years
• HSN American Dreams Host

Bob Circosta

• The Original As Seen on TV Company
• Billions of Dollars in TV and Retail Revenue
• Over 100 Products Licensed and Launched Every Year

Apart from the luxury you get for the price starting at $1,199 as shown here.

You also get the never before opportunity of:
  • All Product Marketing Seminar at Sea content and education taught by Bob Circosta and Jon LaClare
  • $2,000 surprise goodie bag
  • $2,500 Product market research
  • Pitch Video (optional)
  • One-on-one time with Bob Circosta and Jon LaClare to dicuss your individual business (optional)
  • Opportunity to pitch your product to Telebrands & HSN American Dreams (optional, must qualify)
  • ONE lucky participant will win a FREE Social Media Marketing Campaign worth $37,000 DONE FOR YOU:
    • Website/landing page development
    • 30s Product video
    • Facebook, Instagram, and audience network month long media campaign

From: Jon LaClare
Castle Rock, Colorado
Dear Product Marketer,
We are excited about the event, and we can’t wait to meet everyone on ship in March to help you grow your product marketing business. The focus of this year’s event is: “Learn The Most Efficient Way To Market Your Product”. We have taught at dozens of events over the years, often with several hundred to a few thousand people in the audience, and we often hear praises about how much the participants learn that they can apply to their business IMMEDIATELY.

However, since we have been putting on our own intimate events, we have found that smaller groups allow us to dive deep with everyone and even spend valuable ONE-ON-ONE time together to help you achieve your goals.

This Product Marketing LIVE event, will be held on a cruise ship for 5 days at sea. If you’ve never attended an event at sea, you will be blown away. The structure is PERFECT for optimal learning and creativity. Each day, we’ll start with a small-group classroom discussion, and then you are free to explore a different destination each day. You’ll be amazed at the ideas you’ll come up with while snorkeling or laying poolside while pondering what you learned in the morning. Then each night, we’ll get together again for a happy hour and a group dinner to further discuss business ideas.

Oftentimes, ONE SIMPLE CHANGE to your business can help you grow 10x or more!
Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:
  • How to get your product on to HSN in front of their 100mm+ viewers
  • Market research techniques used by Fortune 500 companies that you can do for FREE
  • The secrets to your pitch, or marketing messaging that can turn a struggling product into a home run
  • Social media strategies you can put to work to IMMEDIATELY drive revenues
  • Exactly how OxiClean grew from $0 to $300 million in less than 6 years.
  • ..oh, and for those that are interested, you’ll have the chance to share your product FACE-TO-FACE with decision makers for HSN American Dreams (Bob Circosta is one of the guest hosts) and for Telebrands (Manish Israni is their VP of New Product Acquisition) for distribution or license deals.

Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity To Learn How To Grow Your Business!

Product Marketing LIVE is ideal for:

Bob Circosta
In the first 30 minutes of Bob Circosta’s presentation, you’ll learn how to pitch your product using the techniques that made Bob the most prolific TV Shopping Host in history and the content only gets better after that!

We have developed a system called the Perfect LaunchTM, which is our "secret sauce" to maximizing a product's opportunity to succeed in market. Just like you have probably spent countless hours, large sums of money, labor, and sweat towards creating your invention-- we have done the same to create, test, and validate the Perfect LaunchTM platform to help defy the odds of product failure rates once in market. Whether you are a start-up based in your garage or an experienced entrepreneur, the Perfect LaunchTM system will allow you to work directly with industry experts so you can get your product in market and scale your business to the next level.

The hundreds of participants that have joined us in these small group trainings over the years constantly tell us that one of primary benefits of these conferences is meeting a group of high-caliber inventors and entrepreneurs. Not will you learn what is working for other business owners, but you’ll also make some life-long connections that are sure to pay back for years to come.

ALL SESSIONS on the ship are taught live and in-person by Bob Circosta and Jon LaClare. There are no “paid trainers” at Product Marketing LIVE. You’ll hear directly from the experts that have been marketing products for a collective 50+ years! And immediately after the cruise, qualified participants will meet face-to-face, one-on-one with Manish, THE decision maker at Telebrands to discuss a possible license deal…and Bob and Jon will train you how to pitch before you meet with Telebrands.

Whether your are looking for a license deal, more retail or HSN distribution or strategies that will help you grow your business, our Product Marketing LIVE event will be a game-changer for your business.

We hope you’ll join us for our next event in March.

Feel free to bring business partners or family members. You’ll have plenty of free time over the course of the week to spend brainstorming business strategies or just having fun. In this 5 day extravaganza we will cover the following topics:
Perfect Your Strategy
You have a great product, but how do you make the world aware? We have developed the Perfect Launch System that uses fast and accurate market research techniques to identify the ideal marketing strategies for each business. We’ll teach this process so you can make sure that you are making the right distribution decisions to maximize your sales. Should you pursue online marketing, social media, TV marketing, HSN/QVC, retail, or international? You can’t do everything at once, so we’ll teach you how to know where to get started and how to accelerate your growth. You’ll learn strategies that Jon has implemented at Nabisco, Planters and OxiClean to build $100mm+ brands as well as to help launch over 200 brand new products to market for inventors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
Market Research
Before the cruise, every participant's product will undergo a $2,500 quantitative online survey that Harvest Growth performs on your behalf. During this session, we will discuss the importance of market research, how you can do your own market research without hiring a firm, and analyzing data best bets. At the end of the session, everyone will receive their individual survey performance summary so you can put what you learned during the session to the test.
Harness the Power of Video Marketing
There is no more powerful marketing instrument than video. Learn from Jon LaClare, the marketer of OxiClean, the principles he used in their marketing videos and in hundreds of successful TV infomercials and web videos since then. You’ll learn principles that you can apply whether you are marketing on TV or filming your own web video with an iPhone.


Jon LaClare

Jon LaClare

Jon LaClare Jon founded Harvest Growth in 2006 after a successful career marketing OxiClean, Nabisco and Planters Nuts. He has a passion for helping inventors and entrepreneurs bring their products to market and grow from the first TV airing to tens of thousands of retail store shelves. Jon earned an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business because it was the clearest way for him to transition from his public accounting experience at Ernst & Young in Boston to marketing As Seen On TV products, his lifelong dream, and to this day he remains the only infomercial producer with both a CPA and an MBA. That may only impress his mother and perhaps his four kids, but what clients love about working with Jon LaClare is the expertise he brings from his experience in launching over 100 products on national TV.
Perfect Your Pitch
Did you know that HSN is LIVE 24 hours a day, seven days a week? When you present your product on HSN, you have monitors in front of you that show when your sales increase or decrease, so you are able to see how your messaging, or your “pitch,” impacts sales. No one in the history of the live TV shopping industry has more experience in front of the camera than Bob Circosta, over 25,000 hours in total! Imagine how much you could learn about marketing messaging if you were able to see real-time results for 25,000 hours (that’s the equivalent of almost 3 years non-stop!). Bob will be sharing the secrets he has learned with that experience, and he’ll teach principles that apply to any business. No matter what your product is, when you are able to perfect your pitch, your sales will increase.
Ron Baron

Bob Circosta

"The Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta is TV's ORIGINAL Home Shopping host and helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry. Over the past 39 years, Bob has logged over 25,000 hours of LIVE selling on television... made over 75,000 separate product presentations... and has, individually, sold over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in merchandise. Recently, Bob received the first-ever "HSN LEGEND AWARD" for his contributions and lifetime achievements in the electronic retailing industry. Bob's breakthrough strategies have been proven in the real world and featured on NBC's Dateline, ABC's Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Today, Bob helps corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life sell more of what they have. And now, Bob is ready to super-charge your sales!
Perfect Your Launch
This is the day where it all comes together. By now, you’ve learned how to Perfect Your Pitch and how to Perfect Your Strategy. Now it’s time for implementation. This session is often the favorite. You’ll have a lot of fun, but you’ll also get a lot done in this session. We want to make sure you end this week with at least one game-changing idea for your business, and if you haven’t had that yet, this is the day you are sure to get it.

Ron Baron

Manish Israni

Manish Israni is the Vice President of New Product Acquisition for Telebrands. That means that if you want to submit a product for a license deal with Telebrands, if you’re lucky, it will eventually end up on Manish’s desk for final review. Telebrands is the largest infomercial product marketer in the world. In fact in 1983, it was A.J. Khubani, Telebrands’ founder, that came up with the now infamous As Seen On TV logo. Those that join our Product Marketing LIVE event will have the chance to pitch their products directly to Manish in a face-to-face meeting in Miami shortly after departing the ship.

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