You haven’t hit a wall;You’ve met a threshold.Meet Will.
Do you find yourself frequently second-guessing your decisions?

Are you ready for next steps but feel unsure about the direction they should take? Do you spend a lot of time regretting missed opportunities but hesitate to seize new ones?
In this captivating, life-altering course, Will presents lessons learned from entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Together you’ll transform real-life experience into personalized, empowering solutions that will help you get where you want to go.

You’re pretty sure you know what you want. Why are you hesitating?
Believe in yourself. Realize your potential in this exciting, introspective workshop.

You know what needs to be done, but can you do it all yourself? If you feel your progress has slowed as you’ve met certain learning curves, it’s time to delegate. Take action to play those roles that are your niche, but accept what you cannot do. Will presents the cost- and time-efficiency of utilizing talented resources so you’ll be free to do what you do best.

You’re ready to go for it, so why do you feel overwhelmed? The numinous possibilities for launching a new business or revolutionizing one can be intimidating, but they’re not your problem. Exploring those possibilities is, in fact, the solution. But if your exploration is stymied because, once again, you’ve grasped desperately for familiar solutions to endure rough waters, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed.

In this class, Will presents the pitfalls of repeating mistakes and how to avoid this path to self-destruction. After all, Will argues,why should you do business the way a hamster runs a wheel? So this time, try something new: "get off that hamster and forge a new path forward". Will has solutions for you.

Alongside a new network of friends and colleagues, you’ll foster both the foundation and momentum you need to achieve fantastic, fail-proof results.

Feel yourself relax as you sail through and explore the gorgeous Bahamas.
It’s the perfect vacation destination for processing and absorbing new, valuable insights and strategies to ensure a brilliant future.




As a graduate from Southern Utah University in Public Relations & Journalism, Will has always had a curious mind. He was always intrigued with how things worked. If something broke, how could he fix and possibly improve a particular product or process.
Will has a wide-range of knowledge and experience having worked in/with organizations in the following industries; municipal/county/state governments, various Non-Profits, Development (Construction) companies, Banking, Accounting, HR, Retail and Logistics.
As complex as business can be, Will seeks to simplify the seemingly daunting task of establishing, starting and running a successful business and life. It's not as difficult as one may think.

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